ICANE Negotiation Workshop

Please save the date and register for our seminar on Effective Negotiation with Michael Geraghty on April 11, 2019 from 8-12 AM.

Effective Negotiating

Great negotiators know exactly what they want and exactly how to get it. Their communication during negotiations is crisp, clear and concise. When difficulties arise during negotiations, they have the ability to make the necessary adjustments to achieve winning solutions. In this seminar, participants will gain a great understanding of the psychology of negotiation and develop powerful skills to ensure success.

The activities and topics that will be covered in this work shop include the following:

  • 18 Brand New Negotiating Strategies and Tactics
  • 7 Key Skills of Smart Negotiators
  • Smart Negotiation Skills Practice and Role-Play
  • How to Structure Your Own Strategy and Tactical Negotiation Master Plan
  • Knowing Your Own Behavioral Style in Negotiations – A Self-Evaluation
  • Understanding an Amazing Model of Persuasion
  • What’s a Person to do – Win/Win or Win/Lose? You Decide
  • Your 30 Day Action Plan for Success

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation
  • Know what behavior to adapt at each stage of negotiation
  • Improve your persuasion skills dramatically
  • Understand negotiation styles and communication patterns
  • Make power and influence work for you
  • Learn tools, techniques and practical strategies for your negotiation success

Michael Geraghty Bio

Mr. Geraghty is an expert on cross cultural communication and negotiation. He has 14 years corporate experience in a Fortune 500 Company as Head of International Purchasing. Mr. Geraghty has negotiated deals and contracts all over America, Europe and Asia. He is an Adjunct Professor at St Mary’s College, Moraga, California, and a National Instructor for Institute of Supply Management and State Instructor for California CPA Society. He holds a Master’s Degree from UC Berkeley.

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