Effective Negotiation Workshop

Please join ICANE for a Negotiation Workshop with Dan Barrett of Maxim Consulting.

Purpose: Prepare participants to understand and effectively manage the negotiation process with a principled approach and commitment to long-term relationships.

Goals: The primary goal is to help participants manage negotiations more effectively by teaching them to prepare, conduct and review negotiations, and to be aware of a variety of negotiation styles and processes that may be encountered. Through a mix of presentations, interactive discussions, case studies and personal reflection, participants will:

  • Develop a shared understanding of a negotiation
  • Learn about the concepts of a principled negotiation
  • Understand the fundamental elements of the negotiation framework outlined in the acclaimed book Getting to Yes.
  • Through case studies developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project, participants will have an opportunity to practice their negotiation skills with exercises designed for in-class and between sessions.
  • Demystify the negotiation process to reduce the natural anxiety most people feel when placed in a “negotiation” and recharacterize negotiation as a common occurrence.

Course Structure: This course will be six hours long. Participants are strongly encouraged to read Getting to Yes prior to the course to ensure a complete understanding of the course materials.

Speaker Bio: Dan Barrett is a Director with Maxim Consulting Group. Grounded in two decades of construction industry experience, spanning engineering to executive roles, Dan is passionate about helping people develop skills to be strong negotiators and effective communicators.

ICANE Negotiation Workshop

Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Explained webinar

This seminar will educate union construction contractors on everything they need to know regarding the new Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law. With a final draft of regulations expected this week, BTEA Associate Executive Director John Ferrante and attorney Jim Grosso of O’Reilly, Grosso, Gross, and Jones will present information on the types of leave, eligibility requirements, funding sources, and aspects unique to the union construction industry.

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Increasing Your Company’s Bankability and Profitability Seminar

Attention all Business Owners, Future Contractors, CFOs, and Controllers. Now is your chance to learn about how your company’s finances can be better managed to help you improve your bottom line.  Join our exciting speaker, David Ashcraft, as he walks you through this seminar!

Increasing_Your_Bankability Outline and Evaluations

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